Thursday, October 02, 2008

Playing the Ref.

Michelle Malkin et al are up in arms about Gwen Ifill writing a book on the implications of the Obama campaign. How utterly predictable.

But do they have a point? My first thought; she's doing a book in this election cycle. It's been historic and it's going to change things in the way people look at race relations and policy in America. It's going to change the way people everywhere look at America. And it's mostly due to the fact that an African American is the winning candidate.

Then I think, wait, she obviously has a lot of admiration for Senator Obama's run and is possibly not the most impartial person on the planet to be moderating this debate.

In either case, it's unfortunate how they bring it up just before the debate, when there is no way for the Obama campaign to change proceedings. OB08 should have done their research and avoided this trap.

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